Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My long waited kitchen helper

It was in 2008 when I first came to know about Thermomix Tm31 from One Group, Australia where I am an independent distributor promoting World's first certified organic skin care and nutritional supplements- Miessence

I couldn't get hold of the machine as Malaysia , was just awarded the distributionship and in the midst of setting up based in KL. I follow the news of Thermomix closely and almost get a friend to buy from Australia if not for the price and warranty issues. I wanted to market this wonderful machine even though I have not owned one yet because when I saw the various U-tube demonstration, I believed this was one of the solutions to our Singapore homes that are shrinking in area and kitchens are becoming smaller. 

Everyone is crying out for space. Moreover, working adults do not have time and many who love cooking do not cook because of washing up time. The oily kitchen, too many gadgets to bring out and so forth......

Now that my home schooling son is back to school for secondary education, I got in touch with Malaysia office and proudly owned my Thermomix TM31 in Jan 2012 just before the lunar new year.  I cooked my pineapple jam with ease without having to ask my mum to spare me some of hers. Same as Kaya, I pour all ingredients , set the mode and went back to my PC, returned when the TM31 beep me and my Kaya beautifully whipped without nasty preservatives and all made by my favourites - free range eggs and pure fresh coconut milk.

Healthy meals are now possible with Thermomix TM31 and in the long run, we can save much because we can eat everything in a pumpkin and when you get your nutrition from your food, you can cut down on your supplements which may be compromised with synthetic formulations and not formulate by organic wholefood. What's more no more oily kitchen.

You are welcome to contact me and to my home smallest kitchen for a live demo now that I have it. You better hurry because the introduction price of SIN$2,300 will end by March 25th and the new price will be SIN$2,500.  Those who are Malaysians can pay in your own currency.